Sunday, November 24, 2013


Come join #TeamLean with some of the coolest, smartest girls in the world.  Our first order of business is the #30DayWorkoutChallenge!  The goal is to work out #ErrDamnDay from Wednesday, 11/25 thru Christmas.

A 10-minute walk, yoga or meditation counts, as does a long run, SUP or surf session.  We are just here to keep you accountable and positive.  

Set your own rules and do what works for you, but carve some time out for yourself every day!  Who is in?

Below are details about the original one a few years ago!  

A few years ago, I decided to work out for 10 days straight in an attempt to be "bikini ready" for a trip to Florida.  I called it the #10DayWorkoutChallenge.

Anyway, I am starting a #30DayWorkoutChallenge tomorrow!   Who wants to join?  The only rule is you must workout #EveryDamnDay whether it's a slog (slow jog), yoga class, spin class or a 10 minute run.  It all counts.

You may be thinking: "Why the heck would someone do this?"  Well, here is the answer:  The holidays can get a little nutty for most of us...So what better time to do a #30Day Challenge where you must workout #EveryDamnDay.

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