Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy (frightful) Halloween!

That probably sounds a bit crazy, right?  A few weeks ago, I became friends with one of the yoga instructors at my new studio down South.  We were  recently talking about handstands and inversions in general.  She said that they tend to scare a lot of people....but since it's almost Halloween we agreed to do handstand Wednesday today.  I was in heaven.  I love all inversions, but particularly handstand and headstand.  As I was talking this morning with a few other students, they admitted that handstands scare them terribly.  I realized in this moment that I have never been scared of handstands.  I was more frustrated that I couldn't do them when I started practicing more routinely a few years ago.  So what did I do?  I went home and practiced them regularly to a point I can do them more then not (mind you with a wall behind me).  It all stems from my instructors at my last studio in NYC taught handstands and inversions REGULARLY.  It was a regular occurrence so I never learned to be scared of them.  Now that said, there are definitely various things in class and on my mat that are NOT my favorite. Ironically (read: not so much), we did a few of those things this am.

Anyway, my point in this blog is go do something that scares you....what's the harm?  You may find you like it (eventually).  Everyone is scared of something.   Maybe it won't work out the way you want or maybe it will...but EVERY SINGLE TIME I would rather have tried and failed then never try at all.  And if we do things that push us out our comfort zone, we grow daily!  Happy (frightful) Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's shake things up like a snow globe

One of my yoga instructors once said: "Let's go upside down and shake things up like a snow globe."  I've always been drawn to inversions in my yoga practice, particularly handstand and headstand.

A few months after I started practicing yoga, I went home to "practice" both headstand and handstand against a wall.  Have you ever been in a NYC apartment?  There is not much room.  First, I had to move some furniture around to get a wall I could practice on.  I practiced as I watched TV in the evenings.  Let me be frank.  It was NOT pretty at first.  I just could not figure either forward in July, one of NYC yoga instructors asked me to demo a handstand and then went on to say: "Wow, your handstand has gotten really good."  Mind you, she was the one who spotted me the first time I tried it.

There is something very childlike about doing inversions.  I am in awe of the joy over simple things that kids have.  I love going upside down.  Sometimes, it just feels right to be upside down.  Anyway, I am a big fan of a headstand or handstand every day...sometimes I even do both!!  I double dog DARE you try a headstand or handstand today!  Go!  Now!  I bet you like it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Old vs. new

I've tried writing this blog dozens of times over the years....but it never ended up being posted for some reason or another.

Below is a side by side of my old and new(er) yoga mat:
The old mat is over 10 years old.  It is completely beat up.  Nole the dog (God love her) used the old mat as a resting spot in NYC for years while I ran over doing yoga.  And as you can imagine, Nole the dog was far better at downward dog then I am or ever will be  The old mat is shorter and not as wide. About three years ago, an instructor suggested I get a new mat.  And being a new yogini, of course I rushed out to get one.  The new mat is awesome, but for some reason it never feels the same as my old mat.

Last night, I did an amazing yoga class.  The teacher talked a lot about polar opposites or opposing forces.  It made me think about my old mat that I was practicing on as I looked around at everyone else's modern day mats around me.  Sometimes old is good....sometimes new is good.  Sometimes we cling to the familiar...and other times we need new experiences.  Sometimes we are open to change...and other times not so much.  Sometimes we listen to our gut...and other times we do not listen to it even when we should.  Sometimes people surprise us...and other times not so much.  Life is all about polar opposites.  At the end of the day, we always have to figure out what is right for us in the moment and long term.  Anyway, that's my life lesson and wisdom for the week.  Happy Tuesday.

Fall TV

I was excited for the fall shows to start last week.  Maybe more so then I have been in a long time for fall shows to begin.  I mean some of favorites like Nashville, The Voice, Revolution and Homeland are back in my life....And then I watched a few of the new ones like The Blacklist, Hostages, Trophy Wife and The Michael J Fox Show.  The Blacklist is simply amazing.  I give The Blacklist five stars!!! This may be my new favorite show.  As for the other new shows I mentioned above, I am still undecided.  Happy fall!!


I so want to like Hostages, well Dylan McDermott is in it with an amazing cast of other well known actors and actresses....but truth be told the story line is weak.  I may keep watching the show (Read: to watch him).

Trophy Wife is really funny with a great cast.  It's just stupid humor.  It gets 4 stars in my book.

The Crazy Ones is FABULOUS!!  I've watched the first two episodes and LOVE IT!!!  It's filmed in Chicago and actually uses real brands as part of their show.  Bravo!  It has Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in it!  Simply hilarious!!!