Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Favorites

It's fall (Read: just starting to feel like it here at the beach) so I am getting in the fall spirit!   Here are a few of my favorite fall things:

1) Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle - A friend gave this to me.  It smells so WONDERFUL.  Plus, I just love candles.  They are so calming at the end of the day!  This candle can be found at Bath & Bodyworks HERE!

2) Spooky - Did you know a baby pumpkin is called a "spooky?"  A spooky just makes fall a little sweeter!

3) 1969 Jeans - Most ladies HATE buying jeans.  If you need any jeans this season, I recommend Gap's 1969 Always Skinny brand!  They are FABULOUS!!!  

4) Black leather jacket - Oh, I love my black leather jacket.  I haven't worn it yet this season but can not wait.  I got it years ago in Italy!  Here's a great leather jacket that I found at Ann Taylor this season!

5) Palmer's body lotion - As fall (and winter) come around, my skin gets a bit dryer.  This lotion is to DIE FOR!  Go, buy it now!  

6) Too Faced - This is a great face bronzer.  It is made with chocolate.  Can you say yummy and functional?

Happy fall to you and yours!