Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 Star Book Recommendations

I love to read.  I love to bond with the characters in a book and get lost in their world.  It sucks when you are reading a bad book.  Yes, there I said it and can't take it back.  BUT a good or great book - the kind that you savor and don't want to end.  Well, that is a thing to be shared always and forever.  Below is a list of some of my favorite five-star books:

1) The Art of Hearing Heartbeats - This book had me from the first page literally.  It was a different kind of love story and reminded me a bit of "Eat, Pray, Love."

2) Rules of Civility - A dear friend in NYC gave me this book for Christmas.  She said it was her favorite book EVER.  I understand why.  It has lovely characters with NYC as the backdrop.  What's not to love?

3) The Book Thief - This book is amazing and such a different perspective on Nazi Germany.
4) The Bone Season - The best description for this book is Harry Potter meets Hunger Games.  It's magical and futuristic.  I LOVED this book.  It's part of  a series!

5) The Great Gatspy - I reread this book before I went to the see the movie a few years ago.  I forgot how great a book it is!  It's definitely worth reading every few years!
6) The Lost Art of Mixing - This book was a lovely tale of how different people's lives are intertwined in a small community.

7) The Help - I mean what's not to love about this book, right?
8) Terrorists At The Bus Stop - It's a great mystery thriller with Charleston as the backdrop.  I can't wait for his next book...but I am a bit bias as it's my dad's first book.
9) Night Circus - I love when a dear friend recommends either a great book or music.  This is such a sweet novel thus making the 5 star book recommendation list!
10) The Light Between Oceans - This is one of those sweet books that pulls you in from the first page.  And because I do not know how to lie, it made me donkey cry happy tears in the end!

11) The Mime Order - This is a much awaited sequel to The Bone Season.  It did not disappoint.  Can't wait for the third book.
12) A Well-Tempered Heart - This too is an amazing sequel to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats with such a sweet ending!
13) Wreckage by Emily Bleeker - I absolutely LOVED this book from the first page.  I gave it to a friend to read and she's carrying it in the car in case she can read it at a stop light...it's THAT good!  This book makes my top 3 favorite books in 2015 list!

14) The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry - Oh boy!  I can't say enough about this book.  It's a gem start to finish
15) Black Irish

16) We Never Asked for Wings

17) Our Souls At Night - Oh this book tells an unconventional story and get your attention from the first chapter!

18) Overseas - This book is one of my three favorites in 2015.  I didn't want it to end.

19) The Secret - A friend recommended this book years ago to me.  For some reason, I never read it.   I was looking for a book to download on a recent road trip and decided on this one.  Sidebar: First time I ever downloaded a book for road trip - can you say AMAZING? I've been practicing this notion of "manifesting the life you want" for years....but this book took it to a new level for me. And can you say perfect timing as the new year is on horizon?  This book also makes my top 3 favorite books in 2015!

20) Love Does - A dear friend gave me this book for Christmas!  It's a gem of a book.  Great way to approach life too!

21) Same Kind of Different As Me - Pure <3 for this one!

22) Along the Infinite Sea - This is the third book I had read by 
Beatriz Williams.  Her book Overseas was one of my favorite reads in 2015.  This book is a gem from the first page!  

23) When I'm Gone - Oh this book is a winner!  For those just catching up, 'Wreckage" by Emily Bleeker was one of my favorite books that I read in 2015 (and I read quite a bit).  This gem just came out.  The storyline and character build are AMAZING!  I found myself happy crying in the last few pages.
24) Just Fall - You wanna know a secret? Well not so secret in 2 seconds!  I LOVE book stores.  There is something very different and amazing about lolly gagging around a good old fashion book store.  I found THIS gem in B&N.  It was amazing start to finish!

I will keep adding to this list so check back.  What are some of YOUR favorite books EVER?

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