Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do you believe in love?

"Do you believe in love?

Of course I am not referring to those outbursts of passion that drive us to do and say things we will later regret, that delude us into thinking we cannot live without a certain person, that set us quivering with anxiety at the mere possibility we might ever lose that person - a feeling that impoverishes rather than enriches us because we long to possess what we cannot, to hold on to what we cannot.

No.  I speak of a love that brings sight to the blind.  Of a love stronger than fear.  I speak of a love that breathes meaning into life, that defies the natural laws of deterioration, that causes us to flourish, that knows no bounds.  I speak of the triumph of the human spirit over selfishness and death."

Above is an excerpt from a book i just started reading called "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Philipp Sendker.  I just started it, but it was one of those books that got my attention on the first page. Anyway, this excerpt just kind of spoke to me.  I've gone back and re-read it a few times.  Thought you might enjoy it.  Happy Sunday!