Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Being Vulnerable!

A few months back, I started watching Ted Talks on my new Apple TV (which by the way I LOVE)! I fell in love with Brene Brown's Ted Talks, specifically THIS ONE!  And as I look at 2016, one of my biggest goals (because I don't call them New Year's Resolutions) is to be more vulnerable!

As humans, being vulnerable isn't always easy.  We all deal with the roller coaster called life differently.  Being vulnerable is not how most of us live our daily lives.  Yet, for me, when I am the best and truest version of myself and 100% vulnerable...I get the best from those in my life, whether my family, friends or clients.  It's true - Every. Single. Time.

Vulnerability is birthplace of innovation, creativity and change!  What would you do if you weren't afraid to fail? Or could get out of your own way and perceived shame?  Let's make 2016 the year where we DO these things instead of being afraid?  Deal!?!

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